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The website is the company's most important tool, so here you should not save too much on the crowns. A well-built website is probably the best investment your business can make, and especially in these times when everyone is online. There are more potential customers online than ever, but it also means more competitors than ever, so it's important to stand out and create a clean and professional first impression for your customers - this is absolutely crucial.

A professional website from us gives you the competitive advantages you need to have, in order for customers to choose their company, rather than your competitor.


We are constantly up-to-date on the most innovative technologies, and we therefore have the expertise to develop state-of-the-art websites that deliver superior performance.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is important, so your customers are able to find you in search engines like Google. Therefore, we do both Technical SEO and On-site SEO on all the websites we deliver.


Websites today have to be mobile friendly. Our websites are designed for all screen sizes, including PC, mobile and tablet, which satisfies both Google, as well as your customers!

Modern web pages built with tailor-made and beautiful details at every stage.

We at Blueweb AS are committed to providing our customers with the best web solutions, and all pages are developed with tailor-made. We develop all the features you need with the design and content you want. We work primarily with WordPress + WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, as well as Custom CMS for highly advanced web solutions. These are modern and scalable platforms that cover all the different needs of our projects - from small to large.

A responsive website adapts to any screen size and increases their availability and thus sales, you are rewarded with higher rankings in Google and it can reduce the time you spend on both customer service and sales, namely because customers find you on all devices.

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We supply top modern websites with tailoring for all companies and industries. We always guarantee the best design for their company, and you must come up with your own input and inspiration pages! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you are also always guaranteed to get a perfect result.


The website will be customized to your -and your customers' needs. Design, layout, functions and integrations. E.g. do you need a booking or ordering solution? No problem.


The websites we develop are both user-friendly and user-oriented. The end user is always in focus from A to Z - and the result is that the website becomes a dream to browse through, on any device!


We perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on all websites before publishing. So, we increase the conversion (sales) rate on your website, to turn the website into a skilled full-time seller on autopilot.


Ever visited a website that takes forever to load? Most likely, the answer is yes. We optimize your entire website before delivery - including pictures, JavaScript, CSS etc, and the result is a lightning fast website.


Many small businesses doesn't care about their digital security. It's just the big corporations that gets affected, right? No.. In fact, more than 30,000+ small websites are hacked every single day! That's why we take your security very seriously.


Great websites with zero visitors is almost a waste of time. We connect your website to all your social media accounts, we make it easier for people to share your site, and we help you win the best places in Google's search engine.

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