Our guarantee is your safety.

We strive every day to create the best results for our clients. We know the pain of establishing your company in the digital world, and we want to make a difference by offering the very best solutions for each and every one of our customers. We live by our reputation and satisfied customers.

Your design & development agency.

We are determined to always deliver the best digital solutions, which continuously deliver good results. Blueweb.no is an extension of your company, and we are constantly striving to achieve your goals, and not at least to ensure that you get full use of your new solution.

Our customers are your local carpenters, restaurants, workshops, car dealers and all other small and medium-sized business owners who breathe life into our economy and enrich our local communities. We are the company behind, which helps companies grow and succeed in their market.

Your challenges are our solutions.

Blueweb is your one-stop-supplier for an easier and better everyday life on the web. We develop customized web sites, online stores and mobile applications: from A to Z.

We arrange all the integrations you need - shipping, payment, finance, booking / booking and more. We are an independent company and are not affiliated with only one supplier on the various integrations. This means that with us you can choose the best supplier based on your needs - and we are responsible for the integration between the chosen supplier and the web solution.

Why choose us?

High expertise - low prices

Quality at all levels - at competitive prices. We only hire high-level experts who have worked with hundreds of projects themselves and put their soul into every project.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We want to be the natural choice for your company - the safe and secure choice. That's why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Choose Blueweb, and you're guaranteed to be satisfied, each time.

Easy & quick communication

Nobody likes to wait a week to receive a reply on your email. Therefore, we are dedicated to provide you with fast support and easy communication - additionally to fast delivery!

Your own project manager

Communicate quickly and easily with one person along the way. You will have your own creative project manager to relate to throughout the project.

Value-added services

We are not only building on what looks good - but also what actually works for your company. Our main focus is that your solution will be profitable!

Complete service concept

Get a profitable and worry-free solution with our complete service agreements! We provide a tailor-made service package, with regular maintenance.

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