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We always work strategically with design to create a red thread throughout your business. If we are going to create a graphic profile for your business from scratch, we will work with you to find the best colors, fountains and icons so that it can be used by you in both logo, business card, social media, website, car and in their store or office. If you have an existing profile, we make sure that e.g. the new logo fits perfectly with the other.

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Blueweb makes design what it should be.

Our graphic designers specialize in logo design and graphic profiling. We have extensive experience and broad knowledge from the advertising and design industry at international level.

  • Impressive
  • recognizable
  • unique
  • Modern (yet timeless).
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Logo design

We deliver, among other things, company logos, russel logos, vectorisation of logos and facebook logos / logos to social media. We design logos with a very high recognition effect, always tailored to your company.

Social media

We can optimize your facebook page with a call-to-action banner (cover page) and logo adapted to facebook and other social media. We can also assist with text, publishing etc. on social media.

Ads & Banners

Successful campaigns (ads) consist of i.a. good ad design. We also help you with successful call-to-action banners (cover photos).

Business Cards

Our designers have extensive experience in designing business cards and brochures, as well as letterheads and envelopes. Outgoing communication is important.


Outgoing communications such as business cards say a lot about your business! Blueweb can design tailor-made business cards and brochures, in addition to letterheads, envelopes etc.


Packaging design is an important part of the customer experience. The right design on your packaging will give your business increased branding and thus increased revenue.

Some logos we have designed for our customers:

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