Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


1. In general
This agreement covers all units with customer relations to Blueweb AS, with org.nr. 817 141 412. The terms are considered accepted in full, when ordering and / or paying for one or more services from Blueweb AS.
Blueweb AS has the right to reject any assignment or order.

2. Domains
Domain application / ordering is performed by Blueweb AS on the basis of information from the customer.
The customer is responsible for ensuring that the information he / she provides is correct. By providing incorrect contact information, be it name, contact person, street address, postal address, or e-mail, etc., Blueweb can, based on a discretionary assessment, delete the order.

3. Resale etc.
Services and / or products offered by Blueweb AS may not be resold and / or copied for commercial use without a written agreement with Blueweb AS.

4. Electronic mail
The customer accepts that information and documents, including all invoices, reminders and debt collection notices, in the event of the case are sent and stored electronically - including by email.

5. Exclusion
Blueweb AS has the right to immediately close the company's or user's service in the event of a breach of the rules set out here or in the event of omission of settlement. A closure on the basis of the above may be regarded as a termination, so that the subscriber's payment obligations apply until the time the agreement should terminate according to the normal notice period.

6. Footer text (footer) / portfolio
Blueweb AS uses the right to post all projects Blueweb AS has developed and / or participated in developing in its portfolio on www.blueweb.no and publish the project on social media as a reference project unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Blueweb AS uses the right to write "The website is developed by Blueweb" or equivalent, at the bottom of the website unless otherwise agreed before starting the project. The customer can not change / remove the footer without first reaching an agreement with Blueweb AS.

7. Business purchases
The client is aware that all services provided by Blueweb AS are to be regarded as business purchases and that special provisions for consumer purchases thus do not apply.

8. Interpretation of the agreement
If any part of this Agreement becomes invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be deemed to have been replaced by a valid, enforceable provision that is as closely as possible consistent with the purpose of the original provision, and the remainder of the Agreement. will continue to apply. The clauses in the agreement are used solely for the convenience of the parties and have no legal or contractual significance.

9. Error message and correction
Should an error or breach of the service occur, the customer is obliged to notify the supplier immediately of the matter. Upon receipt of the error message, the supplier shall initiate the necessary investigations to identify the source of the error and make corrections. If an error is reported after 30 days from the launch date, the supplier's obligation to rectify the matter ceases. The customer has access to the supplier's support services via email and telephone. In the event of errors due to the supplier within normal opening hours, the supplier must have started error correction no later than 1 working day after the error has been reported. Customers with a Service Agreement have the opportunity to contact outside normal office hours as well as on weekends / holidays. Service agreement is an additional service that is ordered by those who may wish it.

10. Default
If a party wishes to claim that the other party has breached the Agreement, this must be reported immediately in writing. Defaults from the customer that last for 20 days from the due date are always considered significant defaults. In the event of default, the supplier may terminate the agreement if the customer has not rectified the default within 5 working days after the default was notified. By default is also meant a breach of contract terms such as copying the supplier's software. As an alternative to termination of the agreement, the Supplier may also choose to introduce usage / delivery restrictions until the default has been rectified if there is a payment default between the supplier and the customer.

11. Responsibility
Under no circumstances will the Supplier be liable for direct losses, indirect losses or consequential losses due to actions performed by the Supplier in connection with any of its services, including operation, support, adaptations, advice or any other areas of the delivery or software.

12. Communication between supplier and customer
All communication between the Supplier and the Customer concerning the customer relationship must be made in writing. It is the customer's responsibility to keep the Supplier up to date at all times with the correct postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. The Supplier's contact information must at all times be updated on the Supplier's website.

13. Force majeure
If force majeure etc. makes the operation completely or partially impossible to carry out or significantly made difficult by events such as war, terrorist attacks, fire, natural disasters, changes in laws, regulations or other rules, strikes, lockouts, blockades or other matters beyond the control of the parties, suspended the parties' obligations to the extent that the relationship is relevant, and for as long as the relationship lasts.

14. Duty of confidentiality
The parties have a duty of confidentiality regarding all matters of a confidential nature, regardless of the form of communication. This applies to, but is not limited to, information about the other party's technical facilities, routines, operating conditions, prices or information that may harm one of the parties or that may be exploited by outsiders. The parties are obliged to take the necessary precautions to avoid confidential information not being made known to others in violation of the Agreement. The duty of confidentiality does not apply where the Supplier is required to provide information by law or by a valid decision from a public authority.

15. Costs for services performed
Functionality or function requests beyond those listed in the budget and / or functionality specifications can be considered to be outside the scope, and a change in the budget will be recommended. Projects that go into sleep mode for more than 45 days will incur a fee to resume work of your choice by Blueweb.

16. Extraordinary work
The supplier may invoice extra for extraordinary work that the customer wishes to perform and which is not specified in the requirements specification. Likewise, it can be invoiced extra for other extraordinary costs, according to a current rate.

17. Other
The document takes into account current prices at the supplier's partners. The supplier can therefore not give a guarantee for a price increase. Any price increases will be notified to the Customer in advance. You may not transfer this contract to anyone else without our permission. This contract remains valid in all future and does not need to be renewed. In the event that one part of the contract becomes invalid or invalid, the other parts of the contract remain intact.